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Copyright and Computer Software Litigation

Texas Copyright & Computer Software Litigation Attorneys

In today's information age, controlling rights to works of authorship can be an important part of your commercial success. Whether you are the victim of infringement or the subject of an infringement accusation, Siebman, Forrest, Burg & Smith, LLP, can represent you. Our firm provides professional legal representation to clients in copyright and computer software litigation throughout East and North Texas from our offices in Sherman, Plano, Tyler and Marshall.

Complex Copyright Litigation Concerns

Regardless of whether a work is registered, it still may possess common law copyright protection against unauthorized appropriation. Siebman, Forrest, Burg & Smith, LLP, represents individual authors as well as large corporations in a variety of complex litigation in courts in the Eastern and Northern Districts of Texas. Our team represents both infringed authors and alleged infringers in intellectual property litigation.

When disputes arise, whether they begin with a loss of market revenue or a legal summons, it is wise to seek out the advice of experienced trial attorneys who are familiar with the rules and customs of the courts where the dispute will be litigated. For more than 25 years, attorneys from Siebman, Forrest, Burg & Smith, LLP, have served as lead trial counsel and co-counsel for clients throughout the United States and around the world in high stakes litigation heard in the Eastern and Northern Districts of Texas.

Every case we handle comes with its own urgency to resolve matters efficiently and favorably. This often involves developing a strategy that sends a message to your adversary that you and your trial team are committed to protecting your rights, and that you are backing up that message with results.

Siebman, Forrest, Burg & Smith, LLP, can represent you in all manner of litigation concerns. To schedule an appointment about your case, contact one of our offices today.