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Representing People Throughout Eastern and Northern Texas

Good people, family members and friends sometimes find themselves facing serious criminal charges because of false allegations, mistakes or bad choices. If you or those you care about have been accused of a crime in Northern or Eastern Texas, the threat is not only to your liberty but also to your reputation in the community. The impact can be life-long and the manner in which your case is handled initially can make all the difference.

It is important to immediately seek out an experienced criminal defense attorney who will not only defend you aggressively in court, but who also understands the need to protect your future and preserve your good name when possible.

For more than 25 years, our attorneys at Siebman, Forrest, Burg & Smith, LLP, have provided criminal defense to good people in Eastern and Northern Texas who face serious criminal charges in state or federal courts. Siebman Forrest is a local Texas firm with four convenient offices in Sherman, Plano, Tyler and Marshall.

Existing Clients Trust Siebman Forrest When Friends, Family and Colleagues are in Trouble

Our lawyers at Siebman Forrest have developed long-standing professional relationships with many clients they have served in other areas of the law. As a result, many of Siebman Forrest's criminal defense clients have been referred to our firm by other satisfied clients in non-criminal cases.

Siebman Forrest has discreetly and professionally represented business owners, executives, investors, elected and appointed public officials, members of the judiciary and others facing the challenge of criminal allegations in North and East Texas. Our clients know they can rely on the same quality representation in a criminal case that Siebman Forrest devotes to all of our clients' concerns. Our attorneys at Siebman, Forrest, Burg & Smith, LLP, approach criminal cases not as criminal defense attorneys representing a criminal defendant but as lawyers representing a client with a problem involving criminal law. This perspective makes representation by Siebman Forrest unique in criminal cases.

With more than 25 years of experience in state and federal courts throughout the region, Siebman Forrest can represent clients facing charges filed either by Texas or the United States government. Our practice includes criminal defense in cases ranging from fraud, money laundering and breach of fiduciary duty to homicide, drunk driving, drug and firearm offenses, and domestic violence.

Siebman Forrest is committed both to providing a zealous defense and minimizing the impact on a client's future while working to preserve their reputations in the community. Arguing on both the legal and factual fronts, our firm also can utilize our deep familiarity with local procedure, rules and customs to help ease clients through the court system and provide knowledgeable, effective representation to obtain the best result.

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