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Disputes Between Business Owners

Experienced Business Litigation Lawyers

When business partners, co-owners, members of LLCs or shareholders become involved in a dispute, it can be extremely disruptive to business. An experienced business law attorney who is knowledgeable in these complex matters can provide key assistance in resolving business owner disputes and minimizing their impact on businesses.

Siebman, Forrest, Burg & Smith, LLP, has been resolving business owner disputes in Eastern and Northern Texas for more than 25 years. Our goal is to facilitate a resolution that protects the company or, if necessary, dissolves it equitably. Sometimes, dissolving a company, liquidating its assets and dividing the proceeds fairly among co-owners will be the only equitable result.

Finding the Right Solutions

Our lawyers at Siebman, Forrest, Burg & Smith, LLP, resolve partnership, shareholder and other business owner disputes through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, business litigation and trial by jury if necessary. Each situation is unique, and our firm works closely with clients to choose the venue and strategy that will promote the best resolution in the most cost-effective manner.

"Aggressive" and "determined" have been used to describe the way Siebman, Forrest, Burg & Smith, LLP, defends the interests of our clients. Put this results-driven approach to work for you.

Resolving Shareholder Disputes

Clients who come to Siebman, Forrest, Burg & Smith, LLP, will work with Texas business law attorneys who have experience in a wide variety of corporate and shareholder issues.

Siebman Forrest represents minority and majority shareholders in shareholder rights litigation. For example, minority shareholders may complain of being forced out of the management of the business, the proportion of profits paid to principals, loss of stock options upon termination from the company or decisions alleged to rise to the level of shareholder oppression. Controlling shareholders may face the allegations from those with whom they share ownership.

Resolution of Partnership Disputes

Business partners sometimes find themselves fundamentally unable to agree about how the business is run, how profits are to be divided, the addition of new partners, valuation of the business during a buyout or wind-down, succession and other issues. When negotiation among partners has failed, our firm can help resolve partnership disputes through litigation.

An Experienced Texas Law Firm

Our aggressive, take-charge approach and our knowledge of local customs and legal procedures throughout Texas can be extremely effective at limiting the hassle and business impact of the proceedings. Siebman Forrest advocates powerfully on behalf of our clients' interests, while recognizing the fundamental importance of preserving the company's existence, reputation and standing in the community.

When necessary our experienced attorneys protect clients' interests by using court-ordered receivers, restraining orders and derivative actions. These tools can help protect client's fair share of assets until a resolution can be arranged through the courts.

Call for a Consultation with a Seasoned Partnership Agreement Attorney

To discuss your shareholder, co-owner or partnership disputes, contact a Texas business lawyer online or call 1-877-338-3927 to schedule an appointment at any one of our four offices. Siebman Forrest has been resolving disputes in Plano, Sherman, Tyler, McKinney and Marshall for more than 25 years.