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Grandparents' Rights

Texas Grandparents Rights Attorney

Helping Grandparents Protect Their Grandchildren

As the rates of divorce, unwed parents, and a variety of societal problems increase, so do the complexities of family relationships. Increasingly, grandparents are playing a more active role in the raising and caretaking of their grandchildren.

Unfortunately, estrangement between divorced parents sometimes leads to grandparents being denied access to or visitation with their grandchildren. While parents do have the right to choose who can spend time with their children, the decision often is made arbitrarily and without relation to the grandparents' caregiving skills or the best interest of the children. Access sometimes is denied as an indirect way of getting back at a former spouse by attacking their parents.

In other cases, grandparents are given informal custody over their grandchildren when parents are unable, or unfit, to care for them. Unfortunately, informal child custody arrangements can leave caretakers with few legal rights and limit their legal authority because these informal rights are subject to arbitrary change at the whim of parents.

Siebman, Forrest, Burg & Smith, LLP, believes in protecting grandparents' rights so they can have meaningful, healthy relationships with their grandchildren, including legal custody of grandchildren in appropriate situations. If you need help seeking visitation or formalizing legal custody over your grandchildren, Siebman Forrest can help. If circumstances require grandparents to step in to protect grandchildren, Siebman Forrest can show grandparents the way.

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A grandparent's bond with their grandchildren is unique and should be protected. A strong relationship with a grandparent also is one of the best ways to keep children in the family if their parents are found to be unfit to care for them.

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